Here at LCA Cinema, we know you aspire to do more, which is why we strive to bring you the best possible experience. We know how passionate you are about your business. Whether you need photos for a real estate listing, cinematic videos for your business, or any other content requiring a camera, we promise you won't find more dedicated individuals. While using the highest quality equipment on the market, you'll be confident knowing we'll capture the best angles, the most optimized lighting, and clearest pictures possible to bring your ideas to life. With years of experience and countless hours of perfecting our craft, we're confident in delivering you a service unlike any other.



Justin Cummings has 7 children and is married to Sophia Cummings. He started UPS immediately after high school and  became a driver after 3 years. In 2013 he started an açaí food truck. Justin had neck surgery 3 days before the first food truck event and wasn’t able to go back to UPS He had no choice but to depend on the food truck. He always carried a camera with him wherever he went. To subsidize income, he started to shoot weddings and real estate. In the next few years he has managed to grow Rio Acai into three cafes in Bakersfield and one cafe in Fresno all while growing his passionate for cinematography and photography. He then started LCA Cinema. Two years later, he then started The Beacon Studios, Kern Counties first multi-use facility for creatives, in his pursuit to better his craft. 

CEO, Founder

Kirsti met Justin when she started working at Rio Acai at 20. She moved up to a managers position a year after starting. Soon after that she was grateful to receive the position as Justin's personal assistant to learn more in-depth about cinematography and photography. She always wanted to explore the world of film but had never given it her full attention, but after experiencing and learning more about it, she was hooked. Kirsti plans on attending film school next fall in Los Angeles and aspires to bring a different feeling to photography to make people feel as comfortable as possible in front of the lens. 


Creative Manager

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